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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pinterest have a drag and drop feature from Safari on iOS 11

We all know that the iPad is the Apple tablet and so, to put it somehow, is the most similar option within the brand to the MacBook, but like this there are several types of iPad, Pro, Mini and other models. With the update that arrived yesterday of iOS 11 we will be able to take images that we see in Safari and take them to the app of Pinterest.

More comfort

Safari Image
Like all products of the Apple brand, these have a price superior to the rest of the competition and rivalries of these devices, but as we have said more than once: apple bite products are worth their corresponding cost for many factors . In this case we repeat the history of the company of Cupertino with the purpose of making us day to day and our routine in general much simpler and simpler.
According to Pinterest, this convenient and simple feature, which from the point of view of many should have been implemented much earlier, will add this feature so useful to other applications in the future , have exemplified messaging applications and so on. Pinterest is also available for the iCloud access system.
If you are interested in the Pinterest app, it is available for free in the App Store . These kinds of things are what make the compatibility of Apple's operating systems like iOS, instead of becoming a stick when buying the product in question, is even a plus point in favor.
Pinterest Application
People say that it is not very comfortable with the iOS 11 interface , at least from the point of view of an iPhone, although many say the real strength of this software is in the iPad, what do you think?

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