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Friday, September 22, 2017

Quiet day at the Apple Store to pick up the new iPhone 8

Today is the big day for many users who decided to buy the new iPhone 8 . Last week was put on the Apple website reservations to get the new Apple terminal. Compared to other years, people who have come this morning to pick up their new iPhone are minimal.
Logically, thanks to the reservation system , it is not necessary to queue to receive the new "toy", but it is true that even so, many of the users were coming to palliate nerves with other buyers and thus live the experience generated during the last years.
Several factors may have affected this lower number of customers who have decided to overnight in an Apple Store, from the reservation system to the launch of the iPhone X.

Coffee and Donuts for everyone in Puerta del Sol

Apple Store Puerta del Sol
Apple Store Puerta del Sol (web Apple)
At Sun's Apple Store, Starbucks (the well-known coffee franchise) has had the gimmick of bringing some sweets and coffees to customers who have come early to the Apple Store Puerta del Sol . In this way, customers who were "queued" to pick up their new iPhone early, were already having breakfast.
The anticipation of the new iPhone 8, has not caused the anticipation that Apple could prevent. One of the clearest details was the drop in stock market after the introduction of the new devices.
Así están las cosas en la Apple Store de Madrid: solo un puñado de gente viene a por el iPhone 8
Another conclusive detail was left by the number of orders for the iPhone 8, much lower than the iPhone 7, even less than the iPhone 6, according to media reports.

Still, the iPhone 8 is a spectacular phone , all users who have decided to buy it, will receive a terminal that will surely meet all their expectations. Despite continuing with a design already more known by all lovers of the iPhone, it is a design that continues to fall in love with its simplicity and its construction materials.

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