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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Review of the iPhone 8 and opinions after a week of use

We've been using the iPhone 8 Plus for a week already and it's time to do a complete review of Apple's new smartphone, one of its new Apple bets for this year while we wait for the iPhone X.
Apple brings a continuist design, perhaps too much, and proposes substantial improvements regarding the iPhone 7 in some respects, although perhaps not so many as to skip a number and go straight to 8 bypassing the "S" model.
We start with a review of all the details of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.

Design, crystal as a sign of distinction

Apple is exploiting to the maximum the successful design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there are very few changes in the design of the iPhone 8, the change of materials of the back is practically the only relevant and the hallmark of the new model, if you wear it without a shell everyone will know you have an iPhone 8.

Pros of the crystal as material from the back of the iPhone 8

The inclusion of glass in the construction of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus gives us advantages. The most striking is that, thanks to this material, you can make use of wireless charging, one of the novelties of these models.
Another thing you notice just touching the iPhone 8 is that it is much more stable in your hand. The glass provides an extra grip that is appreciated, you will no longer have the feeling that at any time your iPhone can slip from your hands, something that at least happens to me with the iPhone 7 Plus.
The crystal brings an elegance to the design of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the touch of distinction necessary to know at a glance what kind of iPhone you carry. It will depend on the color you choose, but I am sure that the new glass back is going to like, at least in my case it has been.

Cons of crystal as material from the back of the iPhone 8

But there are also cons in choosing this material. On the one hand the weight of the device increases, it is nothing scandalous, but if remarkable.
In addition to the weight also increase slightly its dimensions , although this is something that is hardly perceptible, in fact most cases of iPhone 7 and 7 plus will adapt perfectly to the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, although you will notice that it will cost you a little more introduce the device to them . In fact, some brands of cases (mostly Premium brands that want to offer the best to their customers) have decided to postpone the launch of their products for this device until they have cases made exclusively for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. You can see the article in which we make a compilation of the best cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, there is still some brand to which we still have to direct with the purchase link to the pre-booking website.
Glass is a material less resistant to falls than aluminum . This is so, as much as Apple strives to tell us that it is the toughest glass ever used in the construction of an iPhone, the truth is that it has not been very well stopped in the tests of resistance to which it has been subjected.

Finally, glass is a material much more likely than aluminum to attract the marks by footprints, although you must also say that, depending on the color you choose, these will be noticed more or less. Whatever the traces of this year has nothing to do with what happened last year with the color Jet Black, in addition the glass is cleaned much more easily and it will not cost much to bring your iPhone 8 shining.
As for colors, you can choose between space gray, silver or gold.
We have opted for the iPhone 8 Plus gold color, it was the novelty, so we wanted to see firsthand how it looked. It is a very clear color, almost a broken white. This section depends very much on the taste of each one the model to choose, but personally the new color has not excited me.

IPhone 8 Screen, True Tone to Power

The HD retina display of the iPhone 8 looks great. Although there are very few changes compared to previous models, there is one key, the True Tone.
The first Apple device to receive True Tone technology was the iPad Pro and this is the first iPhone that has it.
If you've never seen a screen with True Tone, you may find it hard to get used to it at first. What this technology does is adjust the white balance of the screen by adapting it to the color temperature of the light around you. In dimly lit environments the colors look warmer, while in bright environments the screen adapts to better show what we are seeing on our iPhone.
After a week of use with the new iPhone 8 plus, coming from an iPhone 7 Plus, I can say that the difference is remarkable, the iPhone 8 is able to adapt to any luminous condition in seconds and offers spectacular images whatever lighting there is. It is also a technology that takes care of your eyesight, for those who spend many hours a day glued to the screen is to thank.
Videos and photos look more natural than on previous devices.
The addition of True Tone is noticeable, although you can live without it.

IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cameras, you'll notice the difference

Improving what is already very good is always difficult, however Apple has done it again and the camera of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus is even better than that of its predecessors.
The camera enhancements focus on a faster and larger sensor, a new color filter, deeper pixels and new image signal processor. All these elements together result in an improvement in photographs in any situation.
All photos of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are seen with more vivid colors, better focused, well perhaps the correct thing would be to say that the focus is much faster than previous models, including the iPhone 7.
Pictures with low illumination gain many integers, the grain is greatly reduced. This is an achievement if we consider that the lighting of the objectives is exactly the same as that of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
But if there is a section in which you will find an abysmal difference, it is in the HDR shots. The high dynamic range of your photos is really spectacular on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and resolves really complicated photos for any camera with incredible ease and quality.
Just below you can see that I speak, a photograph with the sun in front, taken with the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus with HDR enabled.
You can see in the following link a complete comparison between the cameras of the iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone 8 Plus .
As for the biggest novelty of the camera application of the iPhone 8, the portrait lighting mode, say that, for the moment, has let us down quite a bit. While it is a feature that we are sure will be something incredible in a few months, we still see it too green, with many flaws. It is true that it is in beta, but the results, especially with some of its filters, are still very poor.
You can see a thorough review of the lighting mode of the iPhone 8 Plus in the previous link.
Regarding video, the iPhone 8 has made the leap that we all hoped for, now we can record video in 4K at 60 fps and videos in slow motion at 1080 p and 240 fps.
As you see in the video above, captured by us with the iPhone 8 Plus on which we base the review, the result of the videos in slow motion is spectacular.
The 4K at 60 fps also do not deserve. The 60 frames per second coupled with optical image stabilization make videos made with this phone something incredible for the eye. If you are willing to occupy the 400 MB for every minute of recording in this format you will not want to do it any other way.
The iPhone 8 Plus camera has already been named the best mobile camera on the market by  DxO-Mark analysts  and we do not think they are very far from reality, it's true, it's a great camera.

IPhone 8 Sound

You are talking very little about one of the improvements that you will notice right away, if you do with an iPhone 8, improve on your speakers.
Little is said and, the truth is, I do not quite understand why, to me at least it is one of the things that most pleasantly surprised me of this new model.
It is not only the 25% increase in power, which shows a barbarity, it is also the sound quality emitted by these tiny speakers. All frequencies, including bass frequencies, are most noticeable.
The games take on a new level, as far as sound is concerned, on the iPhone 8 and watch series or movies is much more pleasurable for the power and sound quality.
You will not be able to check it if you do not hear it, but I tell you it's a real pleasure for the ears.

iPhone 8 is synonymous with power, has it to spare ...

The iPhone 8 is, on the inside, identical to the iPhone X. We refer to processor power, both models mount the same the Aion Bionic.
The results of the GeekBench test are really scandalous, they are at the potential height of the MacBook Pro this year and we are talking about a mobile.
Just below these lines you have the results of the test GeekBench made to both the iPhone 7 plus as the iPhone 8 Plus, as you can see in tasks of a single core the iPhone 8 Plus passes well to the 7 Plus, but is that, in the tasks of which more than one nucleus is involved, virtually doubles its younger brother.
This power so excessive is, for the moment, something you will not notice in excess if you come from an iPhone 7. We can assure you that you can play any game, however powerful, with total peace of mind on the iPhone 8, but it is which you can also do on the iPhone 7 ...
This extra power makes this the ideal device to run applications of augmented reality, which we already have available in the App Store to date and certainly those that arrive within months or even years.
The iPhone 8 is a device that, if you want, it will last for years running any iOS like silk, it is good to put so much power, you can with what you cast for a long time.

Wireless charging and fast charging

These are two features that you will not be able to try unless you make an extra outlay, unfortunately Apple has not included any of the necessary accessories in the iPhone 8 case for it.
The good part is that it is easy to find Qi chargers for iPhone  since Apple has not put restrictions and serves anyone. If you want you can also wait for Apple to launch its own base, something for which there are still months, but that will allow you to load several devices at once.
The wireless load of the iPhone 8 is very slow, at the moment it is faster to charge it with the cable that Apple includes in the case of the same one. The reason is not well known, but Apple has managed the option of wireless charging faster, although it is a problem that has already announced that will be corrected with software updates allowing the iPhone 8 and iPhone X can reach to charge in a first stage to 5W (that is the charge speed of the adapter that Apple includes with his phone) and in the near future could reach 7.5W, something that is fine, but that is exactly half of what which allows the Qi standard.
As for the fast load, this can be achieved from now, although that if, if you are willing to shell out what cost the adapters able to provide this power. If you stick to the Apple solution, having a quick charge on the iPhone 8 will cost you 84 € extra,  which is what costs the sum of the USB-C 29W USB power adapter and USB-C cable to Lightning required to use it.
Once you have it all you will get loads of 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes, not bad, but maybe too expensive, do not you think ?.

IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus review

If you have read the entire review already you will have realized that the iPhone 8 is a great device, equipped up to the eyebrows with everything you will need. Better camera, super power, spectacular sound, improved screen, very stylish glass back and wireless charging.
On paper is a winning iPhone, but depending on which device you come to you will take an impression or another when you have it in hand and start experimenting with it.
Actually the iPhone 8 does not bring almost any exclusive novelty compared to the previous generation, so the only thing that users of iPhone 7 can not use is the new portrait lighting mode plus model, and still works quite badly. About the wireless load ... Well, as we said above is still a very slow load, more than with the normal cable, so I do not think it's worth the moment.
In my case I come from an iPhone 7 plus and, after a week of use, I can not say that I noticed a palpable improvement, except in the sound and a little in the photos. This does not mean that the iPhone 8 is a bad phone, perhaps it is more than the iPhone 7 was already a great phone and, today, has practically the same performance as the iPhone 8.
In my opinion, none of the new features and improvements included in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus justifies the upgrade from an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus. For users of the previous generation will be much more interesting to wait a month and book the iPhone X, no doubt.
Another thing quite different are users coming from generations prior to the iPhone 7, including those who have an iPhone 6s, you will notice a noticeable change and appreciate all the improvements of this iPhone 8. If you do not want to spend the hundreds of Euros extra that will cost you the iPhone X you can give the iPhone 8 a chance, surely it will not disappoint you.
I do not think the iPhone 8 deserves that name, maybe iPhone 7s, and if you hurry, it is possible that it was more appropriate iPhone, 7.25 ...
Whatever the iPhone 8 is a great terminal, do not hesitate, the best on the market, but having around the corner the iPhone X ... What do you want me to say, I would make the economic effort before buying the iPhone 8.

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