Thursday, September 14, 2017

Rumor: Apple wants to buy Toshiba's storage system for 3 billion

Apple, as a leader in the electronics and entertainment sector as well as being the top-selling US firm of the year , is considering acquiring the storage chip Toshiba uses in its products for Apple's own use . The goal of acquiring this technology would make the margin for profiting from products like the iPhone bigger than it is today, a very smart step by Tim Cook and his team.
Apogee Quartet Inside
In this type of cases we have to take into account that this is just a simple rumor of the many that we have seen Apple, which have great similarity with this particular, but in the end usually end somehow different than we all expected . The rumor in question says that Apple wants to buy the section of Toshiba technology mentioned above and it seems that it will not be anything cheap since it is said that Apple wants to invest 3 billion dollars.
The company that wants to buy this type of technology and others is not Toshiba as such, but the Toshiba supplier in this section, its name is Bain . This firm already has some brands for which it works, among them there are big names like Dell, Seagate and SK Hynix, but it seems that Apple wants to get on the boat due to the good results that Bain is giving in recent months.
Seagate 4 TB
As we have said before, this is nothing official by the Cupertino company or anything similar so the deal or agreement in question has not been carried out yet. The most shocking thing is that the rumor itself says that the treaty would be signed today , so if they really do soon we should have word from the apple or Bain.
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