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Friday, September 15, 2017

Share music from Spotify via iMessage is already a reality

We have always said that Apple, as a leading company in the electronics sector and on the verge of reaching the trillion dollars as stock market value , has had rivals in almost all its facets, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, but today we come to speak to you of one of its rivals more aérrimos and that more public is taking away the block: Spotify. It seems that they have reached an agreement or something similar because in iOS 11 we can already share music from this platform through the iMessage app.

Spotify in iMessage?

This may be only the beginning of a long relationship and of course, we already know the way in which the collaborations of the Cupertino company with some other brands or big firms in their respective sectors always or almost always end, without going further alone we have to take a look at the Nike shoes that connect to Apple Watch via Bluetooth.
In this update we can see that when sharing something through the application iOS iMessage, we will see that we have an option with the symbol of Spotify in particular, although you think you can share any song and others, not so, you can only send the ones you've listened to recently, so if you plan to send some specific music you'll just have to listen to it before sending it.
We have to keep in mind that this may mean something, but it may also just end in this useful feature. Spotify has been in iOS for almost 1 decade, but keep in mind that the platform to play apple music is Apple Music and with the amount of money the California company has invested in it, it will be rare for them to do something long term with Spotify.
Anyway, it is clear that this news is something positive and it will help us iOS users that we use Spotify, so you know, remember to listen to the song you want to share before sending it , because if you do not you will not.

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