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Monday, September 11, 2017

Some Apple Watch are not available until Tuesday's update

Next Tuesday, September 12, we can witness one of the biggest events that Apple has conceived since that June 5 in which we had the pleasure of witnessing WWDC 2017. Although the iPhone 8 will undoubtedly be the main protagonist of this day , we also have to remember that the apple also plans to introduce some new Apple Watch to the public and for this reason there are some models of this product that are not available at the moment for purchase.

Some models are out of stock

watch face Toy Story
If we go to the Apple store online, we will see clearly that the 38mm Apple Watch is available , but if we look at something else and try to buy the model of 42mm, we will see that this particular is not available . This also happens with the Apple Watch Hermés from which all stocks have been sold and no one has any idea when stocks will again be available to the public.
With all the news and other events that have been revealed on the iPhone 8 for next Tuesday thanks to the iOS 11 firmware , it seems that the small but powerful clock of the apple has been eclipsed by the greater product of the brand, but also we have to take into account that Apple is going to present a new Watch that same day, this one will have LTE , although by now its name is unknown.
This smart watch marked a before and after in the manner and frequency in which we looked at our wrist. Apple Watch has become one of the key products within Apple as a brand come to the point that if we couple it with the AirPods, the benefits of both together would equal a company that could be perfectly stable within the Fortune 500.
Apple Watch microled display
The fact that two models of this watch is not available on the Apple website, can give us clues that something big for the Apple Watch is approaching , it can be a new product or an incredible update, just wait and see that we have our beloved apple prepared.

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