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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Spotify is now available on Waze for iOS

We all know that Apple Music is the platform par excellence of the apple, which is the direct competition of some great ones like Spotify and others. Despite the rivalry between the Cupertino company and Spotify in terms of audience and audience share, the platform outside the Californian firm has reached Waze , a GPS tool in the iOS version.

Spotify arrives at Waze

Waze is globally known as the best alternative, superior of course, to the GPS services that we can give Google or the same Apple . Many people use it in their daily life on the way to work or other places. This app is giving a series of quite relevant information that we have to take into account.
Something that made it stand out and emerge above the others was the possibility, on Android, to listen to your playlist Spotify in Waze , without needing to close the app itself and having to open the music platform on the other hand. This is something that until today has not reached iOS nor Apple in general, but is already here.
Before we could do this but in the way we just said: open Spotify simultaneously with Waze. Now we just have to open our GPS app and select our favorite playlist or that we prefer at that time and that's it, no need to have 2 tasks open at the same time.
Waze's picture
There are fewer problems that Apple, in both iOS and macOS, has compatibility level, if it is true that there are some games in macOS that do not yet have their landing, but increasingly are coming more, a clear example of it is the remastering of the original 4C StarCraft classic for MacOS . Now you can go more comfortable and better humor to your work every day thanks to the mix of Waze and Spotify.

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