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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Steve, the free game of a dinosaur living in an iOS widget

Arcade games are a good resource when we have a brief waiting time and do not want to get bored or just want the time to pass faster. That's why recurring games like Steve , are a great choice as a hobby.
The peculiarity of "Steve, the jumping dinosaur game", is that it lodges in your iOS notification center, within a widget . That is, you will not have to activate any application, it will simply be there whenever you require it.
A free game where we offer a simple theme, walk a 2D map where we will have to jump the obstacles that appear in the way. After a few minutes, the game hooks up to beat our own personal record.

Steve lives in a widget

Steve Widget
Unlike the other games, Steve (which is called the dinosaur). It will always be available in our notification center by living in a widget . Thanks to this, we can play as many games as we want without having to unlock our iOS device.
The mission is simple, we will have to collect a number of coins while avoiding obstacles. These coins will serve to be able to select another type of character. The more coins we have, the more characters we have available.
The game is completely free, although it includes advertising to get more money. If we want to go the fast track to get new characters , we have the possibility to buy gold coins with real money.
There are certain rather curious characters, besides Steve, we can choose Obama, Donald Trump, Mukong, Michael and many more . All with a retro aesthetic that makes it really interesting.
In addition we can suggest new characters to the developers from the application itself, where we will be forwarded to Facebook so that we can contact them and thus suggest the character you would like to see.
A really recommendable game, that takes up little space, free and of which we can play without unlocking our iPhone or iPad.

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