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Friday, September 29, 2017

Super Mario Run now does love on iPhone and iPad

The first Nintendo game for iOS had a lot of negative repercussion for the price that users thought was excessive. Now, with a renewal of the game and a price reduction to -50% the thing paints otherwise.
Super Mario Run is the first game where Mario does not stop running, a new concept of mobile video game that at first cost a lot to understand. That is why many users were criticizing the game as something without meaning.
You have to understand the game, it's not just about running, that's the easy thing, but it does our game automatically. The methodology of the game tries to get the biggest possible coins and take advantage of the arrows of orientation to get the maximum of these.

New game modes

Thanks to the new game modes, Super Mario Run takes on another meaning, where it offers the biggest update since the game's launch. The ratings are gradually becoming more positive in the App Store, where the negatives (for the most part) refer to the previous price.
About 5 euros is what costs now in the promotional period . I honestly think it is a good price if you appreciate the game, especially in this new concept of Mario Run in iOS.
Remix 10 is a new game mode. Basically it is 10 mini games where we have to get the most coins to get to the princess. These games are very oriented when we have little time and we want to be entertained, for example, a bus stop.
Mario Run is also compatible "In Family" , so we can make a purchase and share it with up to 6 members of the same. A considerable saving, where we can also challenge them in career modes.
To begin to play does not have to pay anything, since it offers us the possibility to play in several worlds completely free . So if you had a bad taste or have not played yet, we recommend that you install the application and play a few minutes again.

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