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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Swatch lost $ 1 billion in value following the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 3

As in every section of the market, Apple has competition which, in most cases, gives them a fairly large margin. In smartphones has Samsung, in tablets has several like Lenovo or some made by Microsoft and in the market of smartwatchs has a Swiss company called Swatch, which has lowered its value on the stock market by 4.5% due to the departure of new Apple Watch Series 3 , this translates to 1 billion dollars lost in the total value of the company.

Apple sweeping the competition with just talking

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE
A couple of days ago, in the keynote in which the clear protagonist was the iPhone 8 and its derivatives, also came out several more products to light, a clear example of this is the Apple TV 4K , but on the other hand we can also find the new Apple Watch, the apple said its smartwatch was the best selling in the world and that made stock investors seriously doubt and have led to the stock market crash of Swatch.
It seems that this is not over and that the Swiss company is not going to stop having problems , so this is just the beginning of the road that Apple will have to travel to finally unseat its most competent rival or that is nearer in the smartwatch market, while being realistic, the advantage that takes the company from Cupertino to Swatch is huge.
This will not only benefit Apple as we just discussed, it will also make the interest in apple products without cables gain more popularity and it may be that this is also the step that has to give the Californian firm to reach the trillion dollars, thus equaling the stock market value of Mexico as a country and approaching Spain's 1.12 trillion GDP .
apple watch series 3
If you want to get one of these, although Apple has not given date to start booking, it is expected that it can be done the same as the process of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus , ie from September 15 to the 22 in which it will be released for sale.

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