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Monday, September 18, 2017

T-Mobile limits new Apple Watch LTE to 3G

It is clear that the most recognized protagonist of last Tuesday and the keynote so important for Apple that took place that day was the clearest iPhone X, but we can not leave aside the products that the apple introduced us, among them we can find the Apple TV in 4K definition , other iPhone models and of course the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE.

Going back to the first decade of the 21st century

iPhone 3G
It has generated controversy with the latter, the Cupertino company's smart watch, because a leading company in the United States, T-Mobile, has decided to limit the speed of Apple's new smartwatch to only 3G , an internet speed which is considered by many outdated since we have been seeing smartphones and other electronic devices with 4G for several years and in addition the same Californian firm recently got the license to start testing and experiment with 5G technology.

At home, many have the privilege of having fiber optics and other features that make the internet speed at home go to several MB per second. As we have said something above, the 4G has been with us for several years so it leaves the 3G and its slow speed, 512 KB per second , a little behind, leaving T-Mobile with many comments and criticism about this decision in particular.
Availability Apple Watch Series 3
More than anything, the reason for the controversy is that the novelty of this new Apple Watch Series 3 LTE was the speed at which it would be able to surf the Internet, in addition to many other improvements in both hardware and aesthetically. The bite apple has put in its hands the technology to support at least 4G and this company so big and famous in his country has rejected all the work that Apple has put to make this come true.

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