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Monday, September 4, 2017

Thanks to the iPhone 8 Apple will have almost the same stock in Spain

We are all waiting with the departure of the new terminal of Apple, which will be not only the most innovative mobile phone to date , but also the most expensive by far , although its price has been lowered somewhat more than we expected. We have also told you on more than one occasion that the Cupertino company is about to be the first US firm to reach a trillion dollars , or as they say, a trillion dollars .

Apple: the limit is the sky

Tim Cook's picture
Our beloved apple is undoubtedly at its best since it was created in 1976 and this we will see clearly in some remarkable facets of the company. A few months ago the total value of Apple was about 830 billion dollars, but recently has reached 900 billion something that clearly emphasizes what the company is about to achieve.
There is a lot of talk about the stock market value of several countries, a clear objective that the apple is about to beat is Mexico, a country that currently has a GDP of one trillion dollars, that is, the next target of Apple, but what we are not seeing coming is that soon will be equated with Spain since our country has a GDP of 1.2 trillion dollars .
Render iPhone 8
If everything continues as it has until now, at the rate that Californian firm is growing, within exactly one year or 360 days, we will see how Apple equals Spain in value. This would be something unprecedented and pioneering, because, how can a company become more valuable than an entire country? It seems that for the apple nothing is impossible and we prove it year after year.
We look forward to seeing the output on the presentation inside the Steve Jobs Theater on September 12 , that is, next week. Although we may believe that Apple products are expensive, they are always worth their price , so if you are going to make an iPhone 8 you will have to be fast as they are not only expensive but also exclusive.

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