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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The 10 tricks you should learn from iOS 11

iOS 11 is available as a from yesterday. When you install it on your iPhone, if you have not done it already, you will see that some things are very different from what you are accustomed to, but do not fear because although there are changes you are not going to liarte. For example: the Control Center is very different and the notifications have changed slightly, but you still have that comfortable and comforting application grid on the home screen. Much of what is shown is new, but not so much that you can not recognize it.
The iPad is a different story . That's where Apple has made the most radical changes in the way you open and manage your applications. Apple has introduced an application dock that is available no matter what you are doing with a quick scroll up, so you can access the most important applications more quickly.
It has also changed the way multitasking works, giving you more flexibility with split screen applications . And now you can drag and drop content between applications, a feature that is remarkably powerful once you get used to it.
Here are 10 things you should definitely try after updating, along with some opinions on each one.

Customize the Control Center

The first thing you want to take advantage of on iOS 11 is the new Control Center. It is completely redesigned so that it sits on a single screen. It's a little weird at first, with a bizarre selection of buttons and widgets . Some of them are simple switch buttons, others are panels that can force the touch to further expand the options.
The flashlight button has a slider that lets you change its intensity . The different connections come in different colors and if you disconnect the airplane mode all the others are activated at the same time, including the bluetooth.
For the first time, Apple provides a configuration panel where you can customize which buttons appear and which do not in the Control Center , and you can also rearrange them. Apple is still not letting third-party developers put anything here, but maybe next year it will.
Meanwhile, there are some panels that are really impressive. There is quick access to the Apple TV remote control. Also the screen recording function is fantastic . Record a quick movie of what you are doing on the screen and you can share it. It allows you to do smart things like record a game or send an explanation of any app.

iOS on iPhone X

Apple was unwilling to provide more details on how exactly the iOS 11 changes will affect the iPhone X, but we do know a bit, but not much. With the home button gone, you unlock the phone with your face. You double-tap the side button to activate Apple Pay and then authenticate with your face before touching the payment reader. Press and hold the same button to activate Siri.
People are curious to see how the notch cutting the top of the screen will affect things. Many designers have expressed skepticism (to put it mildly) about this design decision.
I hope that once we use the iPhone X, we will see that the notch gives us more (in terms of more screen space in vertical mode) than it takes away (in terms of strange cuts in the landscape).


You can delete the notifications now, and there is also that X button at the top that you can press to delete everything. But Apple still refuses to borrow a lot of innovations from Android notifications, such as grouping notifications of a single application togetherand putting the highest priority notifications at the top.
The Notifications Center has a first screen with the most recent ones , but if we slide up we can see some less relevant ones that arrived us quite some time ago. So we can take into account what may or may not be a priority.

Application files

The next thing you should check is the new file application on iOS 11. It's cool. If you are inside the iCloud ecosystem, you will find all the files you have stored on the other devices, including what is in the desktop folder and documents on your Mac.
That's not so different from what was available before, but Apple is doing something new: giving high-level access to other storage applications in the third-party cloud . Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive will be available in the Files app.
Whatever cloud service you use to store files, it's worth stopping in the Files app to see if it's available. The other reason to stop in the Files app is that it's a good place to start practicing with another great feature of iOS 11: drag and drop.

Learn to drag and drop

On the iPhone, there are only two places where you can drag and drop things. The first one is on the home screen, and it's great. When you press an icon to enter " jiggly mode " to move things, you can start to drag an icon, just like before. But now, you can tap other icons to add them to the "drag group", which makes reorganizing your home screen much easier .
The other place is inside the Files application, where you can move several files between folders. Unfortunately, once you hit the start button, you're all dragged . Just start dragging a file, a photo or a piece of text on the iPad with one hand, but then use the other hand to start navigating the table to open the application you want to drag.
More applications will need to gain drag-and-drop support to make it really useful on the iPad, but I'm a bit disappointed as it's not available on the iPhone . I get it: one feels weird to make these multi-application workflows on a large screen, so on a smaller screen would probably feel like a disaster.

The iPad Multitask

Multitasking on the iPhone remains unchanged. On the iPad is an almost revealing experience . You can do split screen as before, but there is more freedom. When you split the screen, those two applications are "paired" to appear together in the multitasking view.
You can drag applications from the dock to either side of a split screen. It is not as intuitive or as simple or as easy to manipulate as a traditional window system like the one on a Mac, PC or Chromebook. But it's radically more powerful than it's ever been available on an iPad before. If all this is too complex for you, you can get past it and run one application at a time. But once you internalize it you will find that you can get many things .

What's new, Siri?

Siri is not perfect, but he is much more capable than many believe. That is another way of saying: give it another chance, it may surprise you . You will immediately realize that Apple has tuned Siri to make your voice sound much more natural and less computer .
But it's worth trying two new things. First, ask her to translate something for you. Siri can translate from English into Chinese, Spanish, French, German or Italian .
Second, you can search General> Accessibility and give a switch that allows you to write to Siri at the talking place . If you absolutely hate to talk to your phone, you now have the option to switch Siri to a keyboard interface.

Make a screenshot

In recent years, the screen shots have taken on relevancy, so Apple has significantly changed the way it works to match the way we actually use them.
Now, when you take a screenshot, a thumbnail is launched in the lower left corner . From there, you can slide it to save it. But if you play it, a small new mini app appears. It allows you to cut and score with a set of small markers and pens. If you're doing it on an iPad, you can use the Apple pen for more precise annotations. From there, you can save, delete or share directly.

Augmented reality

Apple's augmented reality system for the iPhone promises to be a bomb. You'll be able to measure your room, sure, but you'll also be able to put a dinosaur and play some amazing games like you've never done before .
Everything is based on something called ARKit, the Apple system that allows developers to assign digital objects to the physical space on the screen . It is a very good thing to understand other aspects of reality.
It's too early to know if RA applications are going to be anything more than a fun gimmick to play for a few minutes before you forget it. But Apple's purpose is to do things that are practical.

Live Photos

If you have disabled Live Photos on your iPhone because you have not actually seen the point, re-enable it . On the one hand, Apple's new coding system for photos and video means that they will occupy much less storage on the iPhone. This new feature probably will not attract much attention, but it helps you have more space than before.
But above all, there are new features that make Live Photos worth it. You can still see the tiny video that is taken when you take a live photo by pressing the image. But now, you can do things with that little clip. When you are viewing a photo, you can slide over it to bring new options for your Live Photo , including making loops or long exposures.
Sharing these little clips is still a bit of a bummer, but it's better than it was before. They are saved as MOV files, so it should work on most social networks .

New design

Apps now have these giant headers that make it easier to get an idea of ​​what you're seeing, so they work better on larger screens . Like any design change, the differences in iOS 11 are polarizing, but I like them more than before.
Apple has made the App Store into a tiny magazine for applications. There is a "Today" tab for applications, with small articles on them. The games are finally separated from the utility applications , so the higher graphics are not completely dominated by them. You will see how the buttons are defined more clearly as buttons instead of bare words floating on a white extension.
The App Store is the clearest indication of where Apple's software design is headed, so it's worth taking a little time. Also, you know, that's where the apps we like so much .


Apple's real achievement with iOS 11 is the evolution of iOS to the point where the same basic operating system works fine (very well) on the iPad and iPhone. It adds many features that were demanded by users (screen recording for an example), and makes the system is, in short, very useful, I think it far surpasses the news that brought in its time (back in 2012 ) the expected iOS 7.

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