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Monday, September 25, 2017

The 11 Augmented Reality apps essential for your iPhone

When Apple introduced the WWDC 2017 new tools for augmented reality, we knew it was time that this technology would finally reach the masses. Those in Cupertino were the only ones able to give him the push he needed, and it was the instant they taught ARKit when we realized how much he was and is investing Apple in this new market. One that will undoubtedly open the door to a new era in computing.
However, what they taught us at WWDC were nothing more than promises, we had to see for ourselves with our teams. Last week, with the advent of the new iOS 11 update, the first apps compatible with ARKit have been released , and today we share with you a video with the necessary apps so that you make a light of what is to come thanks to the technology of augmented reality.

The 11 best Augmented Reality apps on the App Store

Apple's famous content creator "iCrackUriDevice" has decided to join the augmented reality trend with one of its latest videos. And thanks to Apple, augmented reality has become an important trend because of the fluidity with which they work with the new iPhone . In particular, it brings us the eleven most promising applications that work with ARKit, among which we find, for example, the new IKEA app, IKEA Place, although it is not yet downloadable in our country.
In addition to this video, if you have been wanting to know more, and to know how this technology works, I will make an additional recommendation. The Swift Playgrounds app, designed to teach programming with Swift, has been updated to bring a new tutorial that explores the RA a little more in depth . You can download it in the App Store for free, and you will find this content in the "Challenges" section of the application. Surely you find it most interesting.
And you, what is the app you like most from the list?

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