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Friday, September 8, 2017

The AirPods are not included in the purchase of the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8, one of the biggest milestones in the history of technology will have its first appearance on Tuesday, September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater , presented by neither more nor less than Apple CEO Tim Cook himself . One of the biggest questions around the output of this terminal is whether it will come with a series of accessories, among them we can find the wireless charge or the AirPods.

Apple can not always be so generous

Unboxing AirPods Box
Today we come to give the bad news that the wireless headset apple will not come standard with the iPhone 8 . Sincerely, many of us imagined that this was going to be so, but since the price and budget that was rumored on the internet before the smartphone itself was so great, speculation from the Apple community gave results like this.
We have already been able to see that the AirPods have recently been a success in the wireless headset market taking over 85% of the total market , this is due in large part to the waiting time to be able to purchase one of these has gone down and now it only takes 1 or 2 weeks to send it to us , which indicates that production has increased.
The main reason, apart from the rise in the price of the terminal, whereby the iPhone 8 will not come with the included AirPods is because Apple is going to manufacture 40 million units to meet the demands of the first quarter in its entirety, but to the same time would also have to make 40 million of these wireless headphones and no matter how big a brand and even in the case of the apple is totally impossible.
iphone and airpods
We can only wait for the iPhone 8 to come out on Tuesday's keynote presented by Tim Cook. It will be the most expensive smartphone in history by far, but from the point of view of a large percentage of the Apple community this product is worth its price , something we have said more than once in NewCydiaTweaks.

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