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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Apple Developer Center could have been hacked

On September 6, Apple released the latest updates to its beta program for iOS 11, both public and developer. Shortly thereafter, Apple's developer website was out of order with a message, "We'll be back soon." What would translate would be something like "We 'll be back soon."
There was a lot of speculation as to whether Apple would be finalizing the last details of the Golden Master version of iOS 11. It would be nothing strange, Apple usually closes for a short time this developer center when they arrive as marked dates as the launch of a new operating system.
Late in the evening, many developers sounded the alarm, stating that their Apple accounts had a Russian address . Something quite strange and where they began to suffer cuts of access to their accounts intermittently.

System status, maintenance

Apple System Status
Shortly after the alarm voice, the state of the Apple system shows several services with a maintenance state. Some messages that we find in maintenance programs say the following:
Maintenance in progress
Today, 8:30 AM - in progress
Services Affected:  Account, Error Reporter, Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles, Code-Level Support, Program Enrollment and Renewal, Software Downloads, Automatic Xcode Configuration
Due to maintenance, some services are not available.
Although there is no official information yet from Apple to confirm or deny this possible hack. Yes we can see how the web developer center has stopped showing the message "We'll be back soon". While the developers give the alarm bell about the possible Russian hacking.

Developers set the alarm on Twitter

It looks like @Apple Developer accounts got hack! All the profiles lists this Russian address under membership, Check your profiles
Developers are alerting Twitter colleagues to verify their profiles. Developer accounts are popping up with a Russian address, and that, is not unusual.
Although we can only talk about speculation until Apple of an official version, we could be before a hacker attempt in the developer center of Apple.

Shortly after this publication, Apple's services have begun to be 100% operational.

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