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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Apple Music Festival is canceled after 10 years

Apple confirms the cancellation of the Apple Music Festival event held in London every year. After ten consecutive editions with established artists such as Coldplay, Pharrell Wiliams or Lady Gaga, the doors suddenly close.
Apparently, Apple could be focusing on its streaming platform to offer many more content. A proof of this we can see in Apple Music, where they have recently incorporated CarPool Karaoke .
It is unknown if definitely the Apple Music Festival will be canceled definitively or only for this edition. But it is already a reality that after 10 years , the event has been canceled.

Apple Music Festival, one of the best music festivals

Apple Music Festival Elton John
This annual event brought every year to renowned international artists , where users who could not attend the concerts had the possibility to follow it in streaming for free.
In addition Apple, let the performances published by a certain time in iTunes, so that the rest of users could enjoy them. In the year 2016 Apple determined that only users with a subscription to Apple Music would be entitled to see these performances.
Undoubtedly, a small incentive for subscribers to the streaming music platform to continue hiring the online music service . Now happen to be video content (to a large extent), where Apple seems to be that is betting very strong by this type of format.
The scenery and deployment that Apple had set up for this event was truly spectacular . Both sound quality and image, with very professional shots and a really striking scenario.
We expect the Apple Music Festival to return next year because it was really worth seeing, even if it was from the comfort of our living room with an Apple TV.

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