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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Apple Watch Series 3 LTE will arrive in Spain when the operators want

In the last presentation of Apple, we saw as it was announced the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE , a device that is having great success thanks to its internal improvements, where one of them is the ability to receive and send calls using an internal SIM card.
In many countries it is already available, we can differentiate them easily thanks to a red dot in the digital crown . While it is true that first impressions with LTE connectivity is not being very positive.
Apple promised that the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE will reach more countries, where they explained that they could not launch them in certain places because they had not reached an agreement with the telephone operators . So they are the ones who will decide when we will have the new Apple Smart Watch.

Operators take command

Apple Watch Series 3
In the United States we can see how some companies offer monthly payments to be able to have LTE connection in their watches. Prices range from $ 5 to $ 10 a month . This would share the data rate of your personal line with the Apple Watch SIM.
The operators in Spain charge a bonus for having a multiSIM , in many cases they do not even offer it by charging. So the problem would not be in the infrastructure, but in the lack of agreements. In the end they will come to an agreement yes or yes, but the problem is to know when.
The Apple Watch Series 3 LTE offers greater freedom by not having to rely on a WiFi signal around it to function autonomously. While honoring the truth, the first users are having serious problems . Especially with the battery when using LTE.
The problem of over consumption of Apple Watch batteries could be solved with software updates , so even a bad initial experience could be solved. Meanwhile, in Spain and other countries, we look forward to the new Apple Watch Series 3 LTE with a reasonable price from operators.

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