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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The best Augmented Reality apps from the new App Store

With the launch of iOS 11, Apple has turned hundreds of millions of iPhone into augmented reality devices thanks to the support of a new developer framework called ARKit. With this technology, iOS developers can more easily create AR experiences for users on compatible iPhone and iPad, using cameras, processors and motion sensors built into each device.
As of now, the first wave of these applications is available to download and test on the iOS 11 App Store. Early applications range from game upgrades to everyday day-to-day tools and even apps that promote a healthier lifestyle.
Please note that to use ARKit-enabled applications on iOS 11 you must have an iOS device with an A9, A10 or new A11 processor . This means that ARKit applications can be launched on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the next iPhone X.
For iPads, you can use the iPad of 9.7 inches or the iPad of 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches. The old 9.7-inch model of the iPad Pro is also compatible. Go to the new App Store and check out some of the ARKit apps listed below to see how Apple's new augmented reality technology works in your own home.


Splitter Critters
-What is it about? Use finger touches to split a colorful landscape and guide alien creatures back to their spaceship, avoiding enemies and solving puzzles in the process.
-How is AR used? Scans a flat surface and then places a fully playable version of the main game in the real world, housed inside a small white box .
Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade
-What is it about? Control an Imperial Knight war machine in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and battle the evil forces of chaos through 170 single-player missions using cannons, missiles and thermal explosions to defeat your enemies.
-How is AR used? Drop your Imperial Knight from the main game into an AR "Photo Mode" to take snapshots of the war machine in the real world.
Egg, Inc.
-What is it about? An agricultural simulation game focusing on hatching eggs, building chickens, hiring drivers and researching advanced technologies to improve your poultry farm. -How is AR used? Have a look at your farm in AR with a mode of photography from "Farm to Table".
Thomas & Friends Minis
-What is it about? Build, decorate, paint and create complete sets of trains and then control Thomas & Friends characters as you drive through your custom train set.
-How is AR used? Bring all your creations to the real world with the AR mode of the application, which places the train on a flat surface so you can zoom in and out while still being able to interact with various tools and control characters .

Thread Tools

-What is it about? A complete AR experience, PLNAR allows you to generate a home plan using augmented reality, which the app's creators say will be useful to homeowners as well as real estate agents, insurance agents, interior designers and renewal.
-How is AR used? Use the iPhone's camera to generate quick measurements of the area and perimeter of a room by guiding a cursor along the edges and corners of the floor.
-What is it about? Buy new and used cars within the vehicle's extensive vehicle application database.
-How is AR used? It visualizes possible future purchase of vehicles by placing the car in your garage or driveway, so you can confirm that the car enters where you want to park .
-What is it about? A "toolbox of measurement" Cubit gives you access to functions such as rules and tools , with more information in future updates.
-How is AR used? Measure the distance between real-life objects using the ruler tool and visualize the size of the digital objects with the box tool.


Fitness AR
-What is it about? The new Fitness AR application synchronizes with Strava, giving you access to new ways to track your workouts, cycling sessions and more.
-How is AR used? With Fitness AR, you can connect your Strava account to track the hiking, cycling or running routes you have made, which can be viewed in AR on a 3D terrain map. There is also a gallery of walks and tours that you can explore from places around the world such as Yosemite Valley and Mont Ventoux .
Night Sky 5
-What is it about? The night sky is a "personal planetarium" , which allows you to identify stars, planets, constellations and satellites with an iOS device.
-How is AR used? With iOS 11, the application has enhanced its existing AR capabilities with a new "Grand Orrery" premium feature (which requires a subscription). This mode brings the solar system to your home so you can walk around it, get close to the planets, see the current space missions in the system and much more.

What's coming

Well luckily a lot. Apple has decided to bet on this technology and developers seem to have taken the witness. We will see more and more applications that implement this new world of possibilities .

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