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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The creators of Pebble Watch want you to load your AirPods on your iPhone

Is it true that it would be a good idea to be able to walk on the street with your iPhone in your pocket and at the same time charge your AirPods headphones with the terminal in question? Well these are what the creators of another famous smartwatch called Pebble have thought of, although of course, this could have both positive and negative effects for the Cupertino company, but probably in the eyes of an iPhone user and AirPods can get quite well .

Battery problems in your AirPods? They finished

First Impressions AirPods
We can think that this would be a problem mainly because the battery from which would be charged the headphones or power source to fill the of these would be the own battery of the iPhone in question, but no, it seems that the boys of Pebble already had this in mind and have designed the prototype of an iPhone case in which we will have a 2.500mAh battery , something new and innovative as it would be the first case with its own battery.
With everything they are giving to speak the AirPods, especially after knowing the figures that they owned 85% of the whole American market as far as cordless heads are concerned this could be the push that the owners of an iPhone need to buy finally this unique way of listening to your favorite music on your apple smartphone.
The main problem, and probably the only one, that we saw the AirPods when they left was the issue of autonomy once we left the house and we took them with us , but it seems that with solutions of these characteristics, conflicts become more and more In nothing.
Apple bans airpods application
Soon we will see the output of the iPhone 8, more specifically on September 12 in the Steve Jobs Theater where Tim Cook will introduce us the terminal in depth through one of his famous keynoteSo it is only waiting and trying to get hold of one of these smartphone, although this one is the most expensive in history.

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