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Friday, September 15, 2017

The Face ID will work with most glasses and can be turned off instantly

As we have already witnessed this recently the presentation of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the model called X. We may see these 3 terminals, especially the last mentioned, as overvalued as far as price is concerned, but nothing further of reality, this smartphone is a milestone in technology and is proof that humanity can continue to advance in this field, so from my personal point of view if its worth its price.

With glasses or without glasses?

Concept of future smart glasses Apple
Today we come to give you a news about one of the characteristics that has given most to talk about this terminal in question: the Face ID . Being something so new and we have seen little in the mobiles, naturally we will have our doubts about it, one of the majors was that if this type of technology would work correctly with makeup and other things that alter the skin and appearance, that the answer is yes, will do its corresponding function without problems.
Another one of the doubts that the Face ID has made to its possible buyers is if the glasses have any effect or it will even work while we are making use of them. Today, Craig Federighi, the engineer in charge of Apple software, has said that mostly not, that is, Face ID will work with many glasses, but unfortunately not all.
How Face ID works

Apparently, by saying that with most if and leaving aside a small percentage of the glasses outside, with this part refers to some particular sunglasses, since most of these let enough light through of your tinted lenses, but in a few occasions, this light will not be enough for the Face ID to detect the facial features that this accessory covers.

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