Friday, September 22, 2017

The first iPhone 8 durability tests begin: Does the glass scratch easily?

As every year when Apple launches a new iPhone model, many YouTubers and webs buy one just to get you through the toughest tests, some to see how it can be bent, scratched or broken if you throw it on the floor, and others to shoot, bomb, cook them in Coca-Cola ... there is absolutely everything. They do it for a simple reason; They can make money with the morbidity generated by these videos, often earning more than the cost of that iPhone. Some of these videos, however, are really useful to see to what extent, for example, the new hardened glass of the iPhone 8 holds up scratches in everyday use.
The video you can see below, shows us exactly that; before you give the Play and suffer with everything they do to a newly purchased iPhone 8, we will list what they have found out;
  • We see that the crystal of the screen is exactly as resistant as the glass of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus .
  • The rear glass, seems to perfectly withstand the attacks of a blade, leaving no scratching at all.
  • The Apple logo is under the glass so it is impossible to ruin it from the outside.
  • The handset now has a much stronger metal protector than on previous iPhone models.
  • The rear microphone now also has a metal grid that protects it, a very important and elegant detail, which is almost impossible to see with the naked eye.
  • The sapphire crystal that covers the lenses of the rear camera is actually sapphire ... but it is a proprietary blend of Apple, slightly less resistant than the sapphire crystal used by other brands in other products. It is tough, but not as much as it could be.
  • The lens of the rear camera protrudes above the ring that protects it. In previous iPhone models, the ring protected the lens crystal completely, but on the iPhone 8, the ring is merely decorative .
  • The aluminum alloy 7000 series of Apple is used again in the iPhone 8. It is tough, it takes something really hard to scratch it, but if you do, under the color you choose, it is silver. If you buy an iPhone 8 silver will not notice much, but in a gold or black, you will notice a lot more, especially in this color.
  • The iPhone 8 can not be folded, even trying hard. In this sense, it is the most resistant of this design, which began with the iPhone 6 more than three years ago. The iPhone 8 is the fourth generation of that design.
  • There is a plastic protector between glass and aluminum, although it can barely be seen. This plastic protects the glass from breakage during knocks on falls.
Now, we let you suffer with the video
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