Monday, September 25, 2017

The front cameras and TrueDepth system, guilty that the iPhone X can not be manufactured faster

Often he has fingered the iPhone X OLED screen as one of the reasons why this new Apple smartphone will have more availability problems than previous generations. However today another analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo , tells us that the components that are costing most are all that make up the TrueDepth system of front cameras with different types of sensors that make Face ID work.
This set of sensors located on that tab at the top of the screen of the iPhone X could be the reason for the delay or slowness if mass production by the number of units that Apple needs to manufacture. As we have told you before , one of the main handicaps that Apple faces each year is not only able to design an iPhone with spectacular new features, but also get to manufacture it at the enormous volume required by the company's huge sales. It is not easy to assemble and send 200 million things a year, let alone 200 million of Phone.
All front sensors of iPhone X
According to account, it seems that the combination of an infrared light emitter and another with an array of laser dots is something that has not been done in any smartphone and that for that reason the industry is not prepared to supply those pieces in a volume ratio. This information comes from one of the best-known analysts around Apple, where many investors are confident to decide when to buy or sell Apple shares. His job is to find out, thanks to the contacts he has in the Asian industry that provides components and parts to manufacture the iPhone, any hint that leads investors to whether Apple will do well, or if it is possible that fails in some way and is better to sell before the shares lose more value.
In any case, do not forget that it is still a rumor, simply information that someone with contacts in those companies manufacturers of components for the iPhone gets and releases as part of their forecasts.
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