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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The funniest memes and tunes of the iPhone 8's keynote and iPhone X

The day has come! We've been waiting all year and Apple has not let down . By now you know all the features of the new iPhone but maybe you have missed the best memes and jokes Twitter, which have made the event more than one.
Next, we collect the best , so that you also have a good laugh with the most commented hits and fails of the keynote
This is the best summary of the environment that was felt a few minutes before the start of the event:
The event was important not only to Apple fans .
If that on Android love us ...
And what about the new features of the iPhone 8 ? It's great, but so much ...
Dicen que el nuevo iPhone será tan inteligente que si reproduces una canción de Maluma, a los 5 minutos se autodestruye.
Although overall, it seems that at first glance the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus did not finish convincing too much .
Of course, Tim Cook had prepared his famous One more thing
And is that the iPhone X is a crazy thing .
1970: En 2017 los autos volarán y tendrán la cura para el cáncer.

2017: Ahora podrás mover los emojis con tu cara. 
Because the iPhone X may have the latest technology on the market but here, the only thing that matters is the "animojis".
Even so, the iPhone X is a huge success!
And well, about the price ... It is true that now prices are more popular than ever, but still, go thinking how you are going to pay for the new iPhone.
Anyway, the only thing we have left to ask ourselves is, what the hell have the Apple designers done these last months?
My possibilities in love. #appleevent

- SimónDice ™ (@SimonLara) September 12, 2017

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