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Monday, September 11, 2017

The iPhone 8 will have 2 GB of RAM, the 8 Plus and the X model will have 3 GB

It has always been said that Apple products have not been the best in hardware and power precisely, at least in some aspects of this section so valuable to a large part of the audience of electronic users today, but despite this kind of cons the apple has moved on. This time we bring you a data that interests you if you are thinking whether or not to acquire an iPhone 8: the normal iPhone 8 will have 2 GB of RAM, but the 8 Plus and the model called X will have 3 GB.

Lack of power on the iPhone 8?

We have already seen on other occasions that the iPhone 8 will leave this Tuesday, September 12 and thanks to the firmware have revealed a large series of data very important for all those people who are deciding whether or not to spend the $ 1,000 that goes to cost the terminal in question.
This time, it has not been the firmware or any expert in the software iOS 11 Apple, this time has been one of the developers of the company which has given some really important data on the hardware section of this smartphone, which will be the most expensive in the world .
We also have to keep in mind that Tuesday will be released to the public 3 models of the iPhone 8 : one of 64 GB, implying that it is the basic, another 256 GB that we think will be the iPhone 8 Plus and finally the most expensive the time with more capacity, 512 GB, called iPhone X. Now it is necessary to speak of the other memory so important within any electronic section: RAM.
Render iPhone 8
As the Apple worker commented, the iPhone 8 as such will have 2 GB of RAM , something we may think is little considering the price of this and other factors, the iPhone 8 Plus and the X model will have 3 GB of RAM .
Despite what we may seem exaggerated little, we have nothing to worry because we have to keep in mind that our beloved apple has the operating system with better optimization of the history of telephony, although we can also say that macOS is not far behind in this aspect.

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