Thursday, September 14, 2017

The iPhone X hits the Galaxy Note 8 and S8 in the first performance tests

We already have the first duel between the iPhone X and the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, is the first test Geekbench made the new flagship Apple and the results are really scandalous,  the difference in power between the iPhone X and its main competitors is overwhelming .
The Geekbench test is one of the most popular and has already become a standard in the technology industry to measure the power of various devices on the market.
To perform a Geekbench undergoes the analyzed device to a series of tests and tasks, the less time late in completing them the more score is obtained. Therefore reading the data is very simple, to more score more power.
With the above in mind you can already analyze for yourself how the new A11 Bionic chip of the iPhone X works .
These first data correspond to the iPhone X, get 4061 points in single-core performance(tasks that are performed with a single processor core) and 9959 points in multi-core (Tasks performed with multi-core processor)
The ones you see just below these lines are the results obtained by the new Samsung phones, we have numbers from Note 8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. You see that we are not talking about low-end Android phones, they are the most powerful you can find in the market, however look ...
The truth is that the results speak for themselves, in tasks of a single core the iPhone X gets 4,061 points, while the S8, S8 + and Note 8 should be conformed with 1,815, 1,516 and 1,774 respectively.
In multi-core tasks the iPhone X goes to 9,959 points and the Samsung get 6,066 (S8), 5,338 (S8 +) and 6,133 (Note 8).
This test has been done on an iPhone X, but we must remember that both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus include the same A11 Bionic chip, so hopefully the results are similar.
To give you an idea of ​​the bestial results of this processor of the iPhone X, just below you can see the GeekBench of the 13 "MacBook Pro that Apple launched this year, the results of a single core are very similar between the iPhone X and the computer, while in multi-core the iPhone X exceeds the MBP by about 800 points.
It is clear that the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are true beasts as far as power is concerned, it remains to be seen how they behave in the day to day, but according to these data, the difference is so great that we would be surprised see losing the new Apple iPhone against any terminal in the market. The iPhone X and its younger siblings are light years away from the competition right now.
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