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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The iPhone X is already a reality and will be available in November

Following the hangover of the Apple event that took place yesterday, technology media around the world continue to echo every detail, novelty and innovation we saw in this long-awaited Keynote of the people of Cupertino.
Of course on this occasion the One more thing , it was that iPhone X that had so much filtered and that has attracted the looks of own and strangers of the sector . For this reason today, from Applesencia we want to show you everything related to this new terminal.

Innovative design

This iPhone X will go down in history as that terminal of the people of Cupertino who managed to enter the smartphone market without bevels , which we had already seen in the world of Android.
The whole screen effect along with its construction in glass in its rear and metal in its edges , have served for many users to fall in love with a terminal that at least in the aesthetic part falls in love and much in its entirety.

No fingerprint reader but with Face ID

As already rumored in the last weeks, Apple has bet by the facial recognition like method of unlocking of its iPhone X, leaving totally aside the Touch ID that so much has given to its iPhone but giving the first step to bet for its renamed Face ID.
If you saw the presentation you could see that this new technology failed to Craig Federighi although apparently, Apple will correct these slight problems in its Face ID before the terminal officially goes to market in the month of November.

An OLED panel and an iOS 11 redesigned for the terminal.

iPhone X

Apple made it clear that the innovation was more than present in the iPhone X including in the display technology chosen for that terminal, an OLED panel that will serve to get the most out of the terminal and even iOS 11 that will be designed to take advantage of every inch of screen of this great borderless terminal.

Different improvements compared to previous generations

iPhone X
A higher resolution, an improvement in water resistance, the latest and most powerful processor of the people of Cupertino such as the Aion Bionic and improved cameras, are other main reasons for buying this terminal that has come to improve the great most iPhone points of previous generations.
Now and until this terminal officially leaves, all we have left is to wait to see if the public is encouraged to buy this iPhone X thanks to all these news, or if the market is not willing to pay more than 1000 euros for a smartphone .

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