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Monday, September 18, 2017

The iPhone X is beautiful, innovative, but ....

The Face ID may not look futuristic at first glance, but the technology used by Apple so we can unlock our mobile just by looking at it and in any condition, is absolutely innovative, becoming one of the highlights of the iPhone X presented this week . If we continue to look for positive features, the list continues with its absolutely beautiful OLED screen or its fun Animojis, which from the beginning were given to talk about ... But - and there is always a but - the iPhone X also has a dark side Do you want to know it?
Although none of these "negative" features makes the iPhone X cease to please us, it may separate us from the hope of getting the consent of the boys of the apple bite.
iPhone X

What we least like the iPhone X

The presentation of the iPhone X confirmed almost all the rumors of the previous months, we still marveled, but we can not ignore their worst characteristics

Its price

iPhone X Retina
We know that a high-end mobile phone with these characteristics can not cost less than 800 euros, but when its price exceeds 1,000 euros, we can not avoid twisting a little face between gestures of doubt, while we try to find reasons to disburse them. But, at the same time we must understand that Apple does not do this on a whim, but because innovation is paid and in the case of the device that generates more revenue to the company, it pays dearly.
Although justified, it is one of its less beautiful characteristics.

Touch ID

On top of it was sensible or not to dispense with the Touch ID, there will be discussions for many years, however, and until you can do the Face ID test and check that it is indeed a more secure system than its predecessor, this point has dissatisfaction with several followers of the apple.
Face ID
For some, it seems a low-key system, for others prone to vulnerabilities and deception. Apple says the technology will work in the dark and will adapt to changes in its appearance, such as the inclusion of hats and glasses, over time, for now is expected in early October for the test of fire.
There is a way to instantly disable Face ID by pressing the side button on the iPhone X five times, but that seems like a tricky solution that could go wrong in stressful situations

Use both hands

iPhone X
There are options that can be uncomfortable to handle with the iPhone X. To invoke Siri you must hold down one of the side buttons, which raises the question of how to turn the phone off now. It also changes the way you do a mobile screenshot, which used to involve pressing the start button and the power button.

Apple Care and Applications

AppleCare prices for iPhone X
With an iPhone X it is advisable to evaluate the size of the investment you are about to make and extend the warranty: a cost equivalent to 20% of the smartphone, that is, $ 199 more to pay for AppleCare + service from the time of purchase.
The advantages of having insurance for our belongings need not be remembered, but considering the addition, it is not unreasonable to prefer to entrust us to other ways of protecting them.

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