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Thursday, September 14, 2017

The iPhone X stops Apple on its way to the trillion dollars

This Tuesday, September 12 has been a great day for Apple, as we already knew for months, we would see the iPhone 8 which would be the most advanced and expensive smartphone in the history of telephony, but it seems to have cheered less than those who have disappointed , we could really say that the apple has spent a bit of the streak.

iPhone X: Failure or not?

iPhone X
As we have heard there, we could say that the last keynote has revealed products that will have more success than the terminal in question, but that, not because it is not worth its high price, but has so many things so innovative that most of us will not make use of them, maybe within several years these are necessary , but for now not too much.
It seems that the exit of the terminal has caused that the actions of Apple lower a considerable 0.5% , what makes that the company that was almost bordering the 900 million dollars is placed in the 830 million , a figure that is still respectable of course, but not what we expected. For us to put ourselves in situation, if the apple continued at this rate soon they would have the same value that many countries in stock market, like Spain .
So yes, we can say that the iPhone X is holding back the Cupertino company from what seemed like its personal goal: to become the first US firm to reach the value of a trillion dollars . To see, it should be made clear that we knew beforehand that it would be the most expensive terminal in history , but we can also say that they have passed, the most we expected was $ 1,199, but not 1,327 plus a holster and other basic accessories .
iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus
The conclusion is that yes, the apple has stopped in its way, but the iPhone X is a milestone for technology , its A11 processor is the most powerful that has ever been implanted in a phone and rivals some high-end computer CPUs range or media at the present time, but the truth is that right now there is no software or anything similar that will put the micro of the terminal to the maximum.
One of the reasons that also throws many back when looking at one of these smartphones is that the price of Apple Care has been somewhat inflated due to the output of the terminal in question , but the truth is that it is logical, but could have huge losses.

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