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Monday, September 11, 2017

The iPhone X will have an A11 processor with six cores

Throughout the history of electronics, one of the few reasons we had to be able to buy a product of another brand that was not Apple would be the hardware since the apple has been behind, in quotes in this respect in the last years on the competition, but it seems that the iPhone X comes to make things clear with its new A11 processor which has nothing more or nothing less than 6 cores.

Goodbye Apple competition

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It seems that all the leaks that have been carried out thanks to the hidden iOS 11 firmware codes have not finished . In these last days before the presentation of the iPhone 8 we have given you some information like this terminal in question will come with the built-in wireless charge among many other things that may interest you if you are considering buying this smartphone or not.
Apple is not surprising, although we told you something more than apple as such has not always given the best in the aspect of power or hardware, it seems that the end of this myth has come. If we already seemed powerful enough the processor A10 or A10X that had the iPad Pro and iPhone 7, comes the A11, a CPU made with the sole purpose of making your competition ridiculous.
To give you an idea, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus had the A10 that had 2 cores for basic processes and tasks and another 2 for somewhat more hard work, also the iPad Pro so famous for having 4 GB of RAM, has the A10X that was very similar to the previous one, but with 1 more nucleus for each thing. This translates in a few words to the fact that the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X will be Apple's most powerful products in its history, that carry iOS obviously.
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If the hype behind the next Tuesday was insufficient, with this type of data they reach unimaginable limits. We can only wait to see how the most expensive and advanced smartphone in history shows the rest the reason to buy an Apple product.

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