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Monday, September 11, 2017

The joint management of Tim Cook and the support of Apple in different social causes

In recent weeks, Apple has been active in allotting donations to victims of the two natural disasters affecting the United States ; Harvey and Irma. Thus, a few days after creating the option to donate through iTunes, users moved 3 million dollars in solidarity with those affected by Hurricane Harvey and an amount that has not yet been totaled by the damages of Irma.
In addition, the company itself spent $ 2 million for Harvey, and joined aid logistics with other organizations to raise food for the victims who left this event in the state of Texas.
However, these signs of solidarity by the company's bite apple, are nothing new and specifically in the management of Tim Cook, the company accumulates a good number of figures in support of various social causes.
 Tim Cook

Social causes supported by Apple

A similar action to the one made in the last month was led by Cupertino in 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit the United States and was considered the second most devastating after Katrina in 2005. This coincided with the first year of Cook as CEO of Apple and made the decision to donate 2.5 million dollars to the American Red Cross. At that time, it also enabled the iTunes platform to receive donations from users.
That same year, Cook also announced that Apple would donate $ 50 million for the construction of a building at Stanford University and for the children's hospital of the same complex.
In recent years, Tim Cook has continued to support donations, which the company began 10 years ago, to RED, an organization for the fight against HIV.
Also, the respected CEO has been one of the defenders of Apple's policy of protecting the environment, so much so that at the decision of Trump not to participate in the Paris Agreement, Tim Cook expressed his rejection and reiterated the commitment of the Apple to continue with its policies in solidarity with this issue. Only in 2016 they issued 1.5 billion dollar bonds to continue their green energy policy.

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