Thursday, September 14, 2017

The new Bionic A11 processor from the new iPhone is more powerful than the iPad Pro

After the official presentation of the three new models of iPhone have not been expected in the sector comparisons with previous models , where it is analyzed from its battery to a point as important as we are going to talk about are the processors.
The two models of iPhone 8 and iPhone X presented by Apple this past Tuesday, left several new features among which stood out an improvement as far as the processor they were referring. This new generation of terminals has the Bionic A11 chip improving the latest seen within the world of Apple .
A11 Fusion Processor
Specifically the last processor before seen that this new A11 was the one that mounted the iPad Pro referring to the A10X Fusion, a processor that already characterized by providing a power more than remarkable and that served to compare this point to said iPad with some MacBook models .
Precisely now after the appearance of these new devices has been the well-known half Geekbench the one in charge to compare diverse processors of the world of the manzanita. This new comparison has only demonstrated that what you see these iPhone with their new A11 Bionic are so powerful thanks to this processor .
iPhone X processor tests
Tests on this six-core processor have only shown that in both multi-core and single-core tests, this new processor from the Cupertino people is the most powerful to date surpassing those of the iPad Pro.
Even the 4141 points he achieved in the single-core test, positions him ahead of some of the MacBook models and of course the previous processors of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus , proving that Apple did not lie when he claimed that it was a lot more powerful than previous generations.
No doubt now what we would like to see how on YouTube appear various videos that compare the different generations of iPhone , but to do so we should wait a bit although hopefully we can see them before the official date of release of the iPhone X in November .

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