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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The new investment of Apple is a French company of image recognition

Apple's latest acquisition demonstrates its clear intentions to remain benchmark in the field of photography, due to the capabilities of its products. This time, the technology giant has closed the deal for the purchase of Regaind, a French facial recognition company valued at 500 thousand dollars.
The transaction has been officially reported by Apple; a common practice that is done several times a year when you acquire a company of strategic importance.

Apple will further develop its image recognition technology

Recently, Regaind has developed a computer vision API that can extract "changing information" from images, thanks to its development of Artificial Intelligence technology.
As shown on the same website of the company , this is also dedicated to:
We help companies and developers cope with massive image flows using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to analyze and sort them. Your problem often comes down to finding a photo of a "sailboat" or a "lion": it is also about finding the right one for your specific use, among many others.
The purpose of the hardware developed by Regaind allows to understand the content of an image, as well as to evaluate its technical and aesthetic values, to maximize its impact with high quality photos.
To achieve its analysis, Regaind is based on the evaluation of the aesthetics, sharpness, exposure, colors and other properties of the photos, and thus uses the most relevant results to take advantage of them in a more meaningful way.
Of course and although Regaind is able to recognize objects in the images, their use would be ideal in what they can do with humans. Well, some of its technology allows faces in a photo, as well as the gender, age and emotion of the people that appear.
Undoubtedly, Regaind is a company that falls as a ring finger to boost applications that we are about to understand, such as Animojis and others already much better known as the Memories with the iOS photo application.

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