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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The production of the iPhone 8 is a month late and Foxconn increases the template

We all know that the iPhone 8, leaving aside that it will be the most expensive smartphone in history , will also be one of the major milestones of technology and Apple as a company, our beloved apple will demonstrate to other brands dedicated to the telephony that there is always something to improve once again, but it seems that this is causing many problems to the Californian firm and lead the production of the iPhone 8 a month late.

Problems in the last minutes

Tim Cook visiting Foxconn in March this year
That is not the only problem that Apple has right now, its stock is slowly falling into the stock market so its value as a brand will also be affected . It seems that the road to becoming the first American company to have a stock market value almost the same as that of Spain being this one trillion dollars still has to wait.
Now, to make matters worse, Foxconn is investing more money because they are seeing that on day 12 they will have to cancel the presentation of the coveted terminal because of the shortage of personnel within the group that is responsible for the production of the iPhone 8, for which margins are also falling. Anyway, all sources are confirming that the smartphone in question will leave next week without any problem.
This type of events not only negatively affect Apple as a company, but also its investors and customers since they have been waiting a long period of time since it must be taken into account that the iPhone 8 is already several months late . Honestly, as the company is right now, they can not afford to defraud their audience once again.
Sapphire crystal and iPhone
Leaving aside all the conflicts that the Cupertino company is having on the road to the presentation of the iPhone 8, everything is probably going well and next Tuesday of Tuesday we can witness how Tim Cook presents us the terminal in question of the Steve Jobs Theater.

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