Saturday, September 23, 2017

The resistance of the iPhone 8 against impacts is incredible

As we all know, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus by the Apple TV 4K and the new Apple Watch Series 3 LTE, are now available for sale to the public. We have already seen how many people have tried the new terminal and have given their opinion on it, a clear example of this is the professional photographer James Martin . It seems that some users have tested the resistance of this one and have recorded it on video.
For all those who have not had an Apple terminal, there has always been the false myth that they were little resistant and that fragile parts in all smartphones, not only in this brand, broke easily as well may be the screen and the rest. Next, we leave you some videos in which you will see the resistance, but not only to impacts, but also to some factors like the resistance that has submerged in the water or even salt water.
As you can see, after all these tests that put the resistance and other internal systems of the iPhone to the limit, we are aware that the terminal in question comes out fully functional and without any problem, but obviously we do not recommend doing this kind of thing, especially the one of immerse it in salted water as the salt oxidizes the metal.
We can also visualize how to be careful with the back, ie the glass that covers the entire housing of the terminal. In Note 8 has endured 10 hits, while the iPhone was starting to smash from 5, but of course, if you're going to spend $ 1,000 on a smartphone the last thing we want is for us to fall to the ground as well which obviously will take greater care. We have to keep in mind that the surface where the iPhone 8 hits is made of steel.
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