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Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 humiliates the iPhone 7 Plus on one thing

Samsung has really done a great terminal. After the Galaxy Note 7, an almost perfect device and began avender last year, broke (literally) around the world and threatened to destroy the company, Samsung has returned with Note 8 a larger phablet, more Segur or full of features that shames all other big phones.
Many words have been written about the defective batteries that model 7 and whether Samsung could recover from the disaster. Samsung spent the last year preparing for the successful launch of Note 8 mainly to the Galaxy S8 and S8 + where there have been reports of them on an alleged dangerousness of their batteries . The new battery chemistry that better manages energy use and prolongs its life cycle.

A small huge phone

Calling something "small" and "big" at the same time sounds like a contradiction, but it is the perfect definition of what a phablet should be in 2017. If you 're going to have a big screen, you better have very narrow bezels.
Note 8 shows the dominance of Samsung "big screen, small body". Aspect ratio 6.3 - inch 18: 9.5 Super AMOLED "infinite" does absolutely dwarf the iPhone screen 7 plus 5.5 inch , and yet both phones have roughly the same dimensions.
The huge screen Note 8 gives you more space to read, more space to draw with the S Pen, a wider window for viewing videos. But still says nothing about the quality of the screen itself. The OLED display has a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440, and the panel is incredibly bright, 22 percent more than the already blinding screen S8 / S8 + and 100 percent of the color gamut DCI-P3 means that the HDR content will give a greater dynamic range and more visible colors.
Phone screens Samsung never cease to amaze and this is no different. Even around 60 percent brightness, the screen is perfectly visible in direct sunlight. Photos and videos look sharper than most computers , and black levels are so dark that neither the armor of Darth Vader could match it .
The edges of curved glass melt into the metal frame, which is thin enough to hold the power button, volume button and the button Bixby . And speaking of curved edges in Note 8 are less pronounced than those of the S8 / S8 +. That means it has more flat surface to use the S Pen for handwritten notes and scribbles.
Even the back of the phone looks great (when not covered in fingerprints). Samsung has reduced the projection chamber to the point where it is almost flush with the body and is not balanced at all on a flat surface. And while it's not ideal, there is more separation between the fingerprint sensor mounted at the rear and cameras . The fingerprint scanner is still a bit difficult to reach with your finger.
Like the S8, if you do not like fingerprint scanner, you can set up the scanner iris or facial recognition to protect and unlock the phone. The latter is faster and more convenient, but less safe than iris scanner.
And, of course, the Note 8 has all what you expect from a Samsung phone: resistance IP68 water and dust, fast wireless charging, charging Fast Track USB-C, a slot for microSD card ... The loudspeaker remains monkey and not stereo.

Camera, buffff

It has a pair of rear chambers 12 megapixels, wide angle lens regulate (f / 1.7) and a secondary telephoto lens 2x with f / 2.4. As expected, it makes excellent photos and selfies with wide - angle camera at daylight, outdoors and in low light. The shutter is fast and the colors are classic , as they seem vibrant and crisp, and the details in the pictures are a bit different from the same photos taken by an iPhone.
But is the "Live Focus" mode that impresses and leaves the iPhone 7 Plus to the bitumen. Live Focus makes two better than the iPhone Portrait because you can adjust the intensity of the blur background in real time or after taking the photo with a simple time slider so things. To go from 35 to 100 percent degree of blur is amazing, something the iPhone 7 Plus is not able to do. This is where the Apple phone is clearly humbled by Samsung.
Moreover, it is a great terminal and it seems that Koreans have managed to remove stains that supposed disaster Note 7 them. Still, the iPhone 7 Plus proves to be a worthy competitor being an apparatus with a year earlier technology. You know, Apple is Apple.

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