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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Simi Valley Apple Store will be closed on September 15

To all we will sound the typical phrase of renewing or dying, and is that in a world as it is in electronics evolution is something that must be carried out constantly and this goes hand in hand with innovation something of what Apple in particular knows a lot. The stores of the company, the Apple Store have always been points highly frequented by the public of the apple and at the same time one of the main sources of revenue and profits of the company as it is obvious.

Goodbye to another Apple Store

We have already seen great news lately about stores of our beloved apple , a clear example of this is the reopening of the famous Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York, which will take place on these dates, but next year . We can also take into account the new store in Chicago , this one in particular is shaped like a MacBook laptop and see it from the point of view of a dron is quite curious.
There have not been many explanations of why Apple has decided to close this store, but it all points out that the traffic is significantly less crowded by the area of ​​this establishment than when it opened a decade ago or more or less and perhaps this was the cause of great losses of money for the company of Cupertino.
Waterfall entrance of the Apple Store in Milan
It is true that a local and all the expenses involved in having an Apple Store open to the public are not few, so from the financial point of view Apple may have wanted to remove from the middle an unnecessary expense since they are investing and have invested many millions of dollars in the development of the iPhone 8, which will be the most expensive smartphone in history and we can see in ten days in the keynote of September 12.

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