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Saturday, September 23, 2017

The "Support" application on iOS lets you send a diagnosis to Apple

Thanks to the "Apple Support" application , we can send a diagnosis directly to the operators who try to offer us a solution to our problems when we go to them.
This application allows us to know the charge cycles of the battery until problems with the WiFi signal. That is, any problem that presents the phone, will be represented in the screens of the support staff in the distance.
Thanks to this, we can see if it is a software or hardware problem, where in the first case, we could solve it at the moment without having to go to an authorized center or an Apple Store.

Also from "Settings" in "Privacy"

Settings - Privacy - iOS
In addition to the "Apple Support" application, when we make a call to the support team, in the section "Privacy", we can enable a function that allows a complete check of the iPhone , offering the same results that would give us the official application.
The checkup may last for a couple of minutes. With that information, the support operator can guide us if our problem would be covered by the warranty or not. In addition to offering us some advice or to warn us of the wear of some component , for example, the battery.
In the Analysis section (in Settings), if we have activated "Share analysis of the iPhone", we find a section called "Analysis data", there we can see how much information we have shared with Apple.
This function can be turned on or off, although it is advisable to leave it activated in order to share non-sensitive information with Apple. In this way, we could help improve the iOS experience and even the devices we use.
The application "Apple Support" allows us to make a call, a chat or an appointment to try to solve the technical problems that we might have in our devices. It is completely free and you can find it in the App Store.

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