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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The tenth beta of iOS 11 for developers and also publicly is here

As we all know, the new operating system for both iPhone and iPad, iOS 11, has been with us for some months in its public beta phase and for developers as well, although for these it arrived before being accessible to everybody. To date, the tenth version of the test phase of this software has been released, something that has never happened in Apple since it has never extended so much the beta stage of any operating system or similar.

No surprises in the tenth beta

Each time is better optimized and soon we can try it out of the hands of devices such as the iPhone 8,which we will see on September 12, that is, next Tuesday, presenting by no less than Apple CEO Tim Cook , in a keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater , a building created with the sole purpose of making a great and beautiful tribute to the father and unfortunately deceased founder of the company.
As we always tell you, in order to access this phase of the beta of iOS 11 we will have to be developers and go to the developer center for Apple and download it or if we are enrolled in the program of public betas keep updating as we have done until now. It is highly recommended to make a backup of the entire system in case of an unexpected error, as its name indicates it is still in the test phase.
Already we can only wait and cross our fingers because although it is still in trial and evolution period, iOS 11 has been one of Apple's operating systems most criticized negatively , if not more. From the company of Cupertino they pray to have patience which is the mother of all sciences.
iOS 11 beta
Sincerely, we recommend waiting several days if you want to upgrade to the tenth phase of this beta as this increases the chances of any error occurring and lose valuable data and so on. IPhone 8 prices continue to grow , but we expect Apple to grow even more if possible with them.

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