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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The USB of the iPhone 8 tells us that it will start at 900 dollars and that there will be two models

We have already seen that the iPhone 8 has lowered the price expected and estimated by analysts. The initial cost that was believed to be such an exclusive terminal was $ 1,000, but recently declined this saying that its value was going to be at $ 899 , today we bring you some clues that gives us the USB of the device in question about the models that will be on this smartphone.

Even more expensive yet

iPhone 8
Rumors vary, but it seems that we finally have something that looks like the end result. We all know that the iPhone 8 is going to be the most expensive smartphone to date , that's no doubt, but how far is Apple willing to raise the bar? This question we have asked very often in recent months.
In some cases, if we want the basics, it will be cheaper than we thought, however, if we want the mid-range, to call it somehow, or the one with the most capacity, maybe we will go out of the budget if we were in mind that it would cost $ 1,000. According to the tracks that the USB leaves us about this would be such that: a version of 64 GB that will cost 999 dollars, another of 256 GB that will cost as $ 1,099 and finally one with 512 GB of internal memory that will cost $ 1,199.
It is also said that only the first two, that is, removing the most expensive, will be those that are sold and if we want the superior we will have to order it or reserve it in some specific way. Maybe they are going out of their hands the price, it seems that in Apple make the product first and then think the price they are going to put it.
mockup iphone 8
Does the iPhone 8 seem too expensive? That depends on what values ​​money, although we have always said that the products of the California firm are worth their corresponding price , would you be willing to pay at least $ 1,000 for a smartphone?

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