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Friday, September 1, 2017

The Xiaomi My MIX 2 will come with Android 8, QHD + screen and Snapdragon 836?

Xiaomi is currently one of the most interesting brands in the mobile landscape. Yes, it is true that she is barely seven years old, but the decisions she is taking are positioning her as one of the most relevant. Not in vain is the firm that most wearables has sold in the second quarter of this year.
But its forte are the smartphones and if there is a reference within that segment for Lei Jun company is undoubtedly the Mi MIX. The one that last year appeared almost like an experiment this year will have successor, and we will know it the day 11 of September .
The Xiaomi My MIX 2 will come with Android 8, QHD + screen and Snapdragon 836?
There are many data yet to be confirmed but in the last leak many of them have been revealed along with two photographs that make us think that the teaser that Philippe Stark relieved on his Facebook is very real.

The first with Snapdragon 836

We have been speculating for several months with the possible presentation of the Snapdragon 836 , a variant of the 835 with a higher clock frequency. According to the published images the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 would use this chip and if so, it is very possible that it was the first to do so.
Next to that we see that at least one of the variants will have 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory, logical figures if we think about the configuration of last year's model.
The rear camera looks like it will be unique, not double, and will feature 20 Mpx and its battery will be 4,400 mAh.
The Xiaomi My MIX 2 will come with Android 8 and the Snapdragon 836?

A very different screen

But the biggest change comes on the screen, which drops to 6.2 inches and increases its resolution to 2960 x 1440 px , being the first mobile Xiaomi to reach the resolution QHD.
In fact we would talk about a QHD + resolution since the screen ratio would be 18.5: 9, the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus , with whom it shares resolution and diagonal. We understand that the idea of ​​Xiaomi is to leave the 18: 9 for content and to use the 0.5: 9 for the on-screen buttons.

MIUI 9 with Android 8

That this model was going to arrive with MIUI 9 we gave it of course but that it was running on Android 8 is something more surprising. In fact is the first data that tells us about the work of Xiaomi with the latest version of Android.
The Xiaomi My MIX 2 will come with Android 8, QHD + screen and Snapdragon 836?

When everything is too beautiful to be real ...

As we always say leaks are that, leaks, and you have to pick them up carefully . In this case there are several things that catch our eye.
  1. Or Qualcomm introduces the 836 before the 11th or does not seem likely to be announced in a model without it has been previously officialized.
  2. It is rare that Xiaomi use as base Android 8 when it is not something that is a priority for them.
  3. Also, letting the company go to QHD resolution may seem like a logical leap but no more data have been leaked in this regard and Xiaomi seems to be comfortable with its FHD screens and its great autonomy.
Too many questions, and above all, too beautiful what they paint us so that everything is real. But there are only 10 days left for us to get out of doubt.

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