Friday, September 15, 2017

These are the delivery periods of the new iPhone 8 Apple Watch Series 3

After the hangover produced by Apple's presentation of several of its products this week, they have already gone on sale the vast majority of products except X - awaited iPhone .
Specifically Apple has opened the process by which we can get our iPhone 8 or Apple Watch Series 3 , two of the products presented by the Californians in their Keynote and that can take up to three weeks to reach its destination .
delivery period Apple Watch
All this information comes from social networks where users were looking forward to when to order their new device. As we have seen through various users, the new iPhone 8 could take between one and two weeks while the new Apple Watch could take up to three .
No doubt these waiting times are very common in both the phone industry and the world of Apple, where fans always look for the latest or renew it with something just released .
iPhone 8 shipping time
Other points to raise is the picaresque mounted around these shipments of new Apple products , where those who know more about the subject recommend testing between different alternatives between colors and storage or shipping through the nearest Apple Store, to shorten somewhat the waiting times of these new products .
For its part we can see if, as demand increases, these waiting periods increase , or if Apple will be prepared for the demand for these products. Case apart is the iPhone X, that when you go out there in November you may have a much greater demand and the waiting periods are somewhat greater.
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