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Saturday, September 9, 2017

These are the free applications during the weekend

This weekend will be the return to school in many communities. As the children are going to be new material school, we also can make a release of applications and games that are normally paid and this weekend will be free. Do not wait any longer and download them before the offers expire .

Safari web page translator

Translate web pages directly inside Safari with your iPhone or iPad. Download the application, configure your language, follow the quick tutorial to enable the extension and you are ready to use it. The translation service is provided by Google Translate . 104 languages ​​supported, you will not need anything else.

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions

Echo Dawn is a classic role-playing game where discovery, strategy and challenge are at your fingertips. Fully customizable, it provides statistics and different levels of difficulty. Great afternoons of fun in our pocket.

Adventure Beyond Time

Players are lost on the shores of a mysterious island. Clues and objects are waiting to be discovered in over 150 atmospheric environments as players seek an exit while in search of the ever elusive and impressive Dr. Teresa Von stalking. It is necessary to reveal the secret of the doctor's whereabouts on the secret and strange island.

Grocery List Shoppylist Pro

You can quickly add items to your shopping list using the integrated catalog of items that suggest items. Save time by using your shopping list directly from the lock screen. You can create list templates that will help you to create your shopping lists faster . Manage multiple shopping lists. For each item, you can add notes, an amount and a price. You can print, duplicate and share your lists.

Watch Airplanes

It raises cams at real airports that show live video footage from two different airports - 24 hours a day Plus, you can see the best landings in HD and video take-off that are continually updated. This app brings you something new every time you look at it so you'll be entertained for days.

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