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Thursday, September 28, 2017

This could be the future LCD panels that Apple will use

The LCD technology we see increasingly obsolete, and more, when all Apple users can see in our hands the iPhone X which has an OLED screen. Although we see it outdated, Apple may in future generations give a turn to these types of screens that we end up enchanting all users, because everything points to the company will offer us an LCD model and another OLED. But  the LCD, will have little to envy OLED technology. 

Surprising LCD screens for next year?

A report we have noted that Apple innovates in its LCD screens and the possibility of being more flexible creating with them terminals without visors as we see in the iPhone X, although it has an OLED screen technology that if it allows you to do an "infinite screen". 
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The US media, the Wall Street Journal , has been the one who has released this note a few hours ago, where he claims that Apple would be working on a "LCD Full Active" screen . The note in particular I leave it below:
Apple has expressed interest in the purchase of advanced liquid crystal displays to Japan to incorporate in certain iPhone next year, said certain very close to the company Japan Display, responsible for its manufacture [...] Those responsible for working for Japan Display said that Apple has put their eye on these Full Active LCD panels [...] This would allow a border around the screen of only 0.5 mm.
Japan Display would be responsible for the manufacture of these new screens, and also from where they come from this information.
Currently, with screen technology incorporating for example the new iPhone 8 s and need several millimeters of separation between the edge of the terminal and the screen . This is the reason of the current form of Apple devices. But with this technology that would provide Japan Display this would be water passed and can leave only 0.5 mm between the edge and the panel, something impressive not to be an OLED screen.
This is a very interesting step by Apple although I think that when we see the OLED screen we are going to fall in love with the chromatic difference between one and the other . What do you think? Would you like to see an iPhone 8 with infinite screen?

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