Friday, September 22, 2017

This is Apple's video of how Apple Pay Cash works

iOS was undoubtedly one of the main losers in Apple's latest presentation, where the operating system along with other devices were in the background due to the presentation of the long-awaited iPhone X , arguably the latest and most breakthrough terminal for Californians.
It is precisely now when the iPhone 8 have already gone on sale and we already know when Apple will bring its iPhone X to the market, when from the YouTube channel of the people of Cupertino have wanted to show some news of iOS 11 .
In particular one of the last videos of this channel is referred to and focused on Apple Pay Cash one of the new features seen in the operating system of iPhone and used to transfer money between people through our iPhone.
In this video Apple wanted to show how to use this new functionality that we can use on any device with iOS 11 , using the Apple Pay extension in our Messages application and provided we have paired to this payment system an account where to upload such remittances.
Of course Apple has also focused its attention and one of the videos on your YouTube account, showing how to pair a card to use that service and of course how we must authenticate our identity either through Touch ID or Face ID of the iPhone X to complete the transfer .
apple pay cash
At last we see the people of Cupertino focusing on a service that was given so much importance in the presentation of iOS 11 , but which was later treated less because of the output of new devices from Apple.
Now we are waiting to see some data that shows how the public has accepted this new service , and if this will be able to become the main form of payment within the sector.
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