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Thursday, September 14, 2017

This is how the screenshots are done on the new iPhone X

The new iPhone X is all screen in its frontal, that raises some doubts of how to perform some actions, for example, a screen capture .
Apple already modified the way we could force the reboot on the iPhone 7 after the removal of the physical Home button , now, the process to take a screenshot on the iPhone X, also changes.
The process is really simple , we will only have to get used to adopting this new method that will allow us to capture those images of our iPhone.

How to make screen capture step by step:

  1. We are on the screen that we want to capture
  2. Press the power button
  3. Press the volume up button at the same time
At that time the iPhone will beep and the screen will flash white to confirm the capture. The sound will not be emitted if the iPhone is silent.
Thanks to iOS 11, we can edit the screenshot and share it without having to save it on our Photos reel . Something that is appreciated for not having hundreds of catches that we will only need for a short period of time.
The new iPhone X comes with many new features that will require a time of adaptation to perform mechanical actions that we did until now. The removal of the Home button is a step we already saw on the iPhone 7, although it was disguised thanks to the haptic response of the "Taptic Engine" .
The new iPhone 8 will follow the same procedure as the previous iPhone 7 or iPhone to capture a screen. Using the Home button and power button, as we have always done.
For the lucky ones who own an iPhone X, it will take a little adaptation process until they get used to the new gestures that Apple has designed to be able to supply the Home button of the screen of the iPhone X.

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