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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This is what costs to manufacture the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus

A few days ago we told you how much it cost to manufacture the iPhone X, and we were very surprised by the huge difference between the price of manufacture and the final price of marketing. Today we bring you the statements of an analyst who has investigated how much it costs to manufacture an iPhone 8 and an 8 Plus. The difference, as we are already accustomed to Apple, is also significant.

How much does it cost to make an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus?

IHS Markit has been the analyst responsible for investigating the components of the iPhone 8 to find out what the price of manufacture. The 4.7 inch screen iPhone and 64 GB costs to make $ 247.51 . This price is somewhat higher than the iPhone 7 32GB which was $ 237.94. This is basically because the components are of better quality and much more expensive . For example, the new chip they carry or the refurbished flash makes the price increase with respect to the previous generation. The analyst himself states that this is due to a better memory or a better camera, although for us it is very similar to the previous generation if there are slight news.
The iPhone 8 Plus follows the same line. The price of manufacture is $ 288.08 compared to the 270.88 $ that its predecessor. The reasons, the same as before. We see that the investment in both terminals is higher, but if we look at the final marketing prices, they have also been slightly increased. That is, Apple is not silly and will always benefit from the terminal, not absorbing any expense, that the entire user page.
Many will be alarmed to see this difference in prices. The "cheap" it costs manufacturing Apple and how expensive it costs us. But, we sometimes forget that all the research behind any terminal (although there is little in the iPhone 8), also has a price. The wonderful technical service and in general the after-sales attention we are also paying for the purchase of an iPhone or any other product. Apple has great services, there is no doubt, but we pay all this and that is why we must take advantage of them and resort to them whenever we need.

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