Sunday, September 10, 2017

This will register a new face in Face ID [iOS 11 on iPhone X]

All users of iPhone or iPad are already accustomed to register a fingerprint in Touch ID, which allows to unlock the system. It usually works very well, although sometimes you have to resort to some other trick to make it even better. With the iPhone X the situation changes because instead of Touch ID, we will have Face ID , a system of facial recognition that allows to unlock the system if the face of a registered person is recognized. Basically, it is the same as Touch ID, but registering a face previously ... which will allow, we imagine, also register several faces, or register with and without glasses, for example, to recognize the user in different situations. Found in the iOS 11 GM version filtered from two days ago, Guilherme Rambo has published in his Twitter account how is the registration system of a new face of Face ID on the iPhone X.
As we see, the system is very similar; The user is asked to place his face in a certain area, and he is asked to move his face slightly so that the system can detect the relief and contour well. What is recorded, probably, is not the image of the face itself, but a kind of map in three dimensions with the most significant points of the face, which then allows to determine if it is a registered face or not.
Watching the video, the truth is that it seems to be a system that works really fast, it's a matter of a few seconds. As we have repeated many times, Touch ID works really well, and being able to unlock the iPhone so easily and quickly is quite a challenge for Apple, because this facial recognition system should be able to do the same or faster than before, but no fingerprint Finger ... but simply being in front of the iPhone, and not immediately ahead; this system should work leaving the iPhone on a table, for example. We wonder how it will be unlocked without touching it ... or if it will be necessary to touch the screen for the system to try to recognize a face. This is one of the few doubts that we have to find out in the presentation next Tuesday.
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