Saturday, September 23, 2017

Thus prepared Apple the launch of the iPhone 8: "War Room", shipping pallets, etc.

Every year Apple launches a new model, or models as is the case of this year with the iPhone X, and the days before the time they are put on sale, are frantic. The whole management team of Apple Retail meets in a location that obviously is not published and from there coordinate the launch in the 498 Apple Store that have today spread in 22 countries in addition to the website / Apple App Store, where of course they sell the largest number of devices. UPS hires staff just for the avalanche of Apple products, and in fact, in the video you can see a room with lots of pallets loaded with iPhone 8.
It is curious to see how in the War Room from where they coordinate everything, there are many Macs ... but they are all relatively old models, from several years, and not latest models.
IMacs full launch War Room
We leave you with the video, give the Play and see how they work part of those preparations that Apple and Angela Ahrendts , responsible for Apple Retail, have wanted to teach. The year chosen to do this could have been better because the iPhone 8 does not seem to be generating many queues in the half-world Apple Store due to the arrival, in a few weeks, of the iPhone X, the device that most we are really waiting .
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