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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Timing 2: The App that tells you how productive you are in front of the MAC

Lost time or time spent? After a long day in front of the Mac, you may be curious about how and how you spent all those hours. Have they really been worth it? Has it been a productive day for you? Now you can know with certainty through the App Timing 2, which monitors our activities on the computer automatically, much more detailed and advanced than others.
Do you think you're interested to know how you've used the Mac minute by minute? I think that even if you are your own boss it is quite effective and argumentative to know how, with the passage of days, weeks or months, you are distributing your work and leisure time and which projects merit greater demand for work.

Categorizing your productivity is very useful

Imagine that you are a person who has different projects under his care and that, at the same time, like any mortal, you also seek to entertain yourself. Now you are sitting in front of your Mac, opened the browser, played a video, opened a folder and started editing a new file.
Everything you have done has been registered by Timing 2 - if you already have the application -. From the websites you visit, the documents you open and the folders you work to, the apps you use and the way you spend time on your Mac. You can even add what you did while you were not in front of the computer.
What does Timing 2 do with all this information? Organized and categorized. By default, the app already has a number of categories like "leisure, productivity, office or maintenance". It also intelligently assigns tags to each activity, for example if you open a document and titled "Strategy Design" it will label that activity as "design" and categorize it as Office and Documents. It also organizes the best known apps for macOS according to what they serve, and web pages.
This way you can create all the projects you want and organize them in the folders you want. At the end you will know how much time you have dedicated to a specific job and you can even generate a report that shows the hours worked, the apps used, the most useful websites and more. This is the argumentative part to which I referred in the beginning.

An indicator to improve

With the passage of days - or at the end of the week if you think it - you can analyze how and in what you spend the time in front of the Mac. You will have a whole menu deployed with titles, dates, percentages and colors that show the index of productivity assigned for each project and app. Thanks to this Timing 2 is able to define your production time in front of the equipment and thus highlight other very useful details such as:
  • What time of day you are more productive.
  • On what days of the week are you more productive?
  • What apps or web pages make you lose more time.
  • Your average productivity in a given period.
  • What projects do you dedicate more time to.
All are very substantial data that invite you to improve the quality of investment you make of time.

How much does Timing 2 cost?

This app developed by Daniel Alm, a former Google workman who was dedicated to easily accounting our hours of work and leisure, has become indispensable for many people, especially for those who perform different jobs or functions at a time and must render in each task.
Timing 2 has three different versions for 29 euros, 49 euros and 79 euros. Each one has certain characteristics. It is a matter of analyzing which suits your needs and decides for the best option. There is also a trial version so you know the program before you buy it. Download the demo and explore the application. If you are interested Timing 2 is available in Setapp, the app service for less than 10 euros per month.

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